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Surah -As-Saaffat

1 . By the angels ranged in ranks.

2 . By the angels driving away.

3 . By the angels reciting the praise.

4 . Verily your God is One.

5 . Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is in- between the twain, and Lord of the easts.

6 . Verily We! We have adorned the nearest heaven with an adornment: the stars.

7 . And have placed therein a guard against any Satan froward.

8 . They cannot listen to the exalted assembly, and they are darted at from every side.

9 . With a driving fusillade, and theirs shall be a torment perpetual;

10 . Except him who snatcheth away a word by stealth, and him then pursueth a glowing flame.

11 . Ask them thou: are they stronger in structure or those others whom We have created? Verily We! We have created them of a sticky clay.

12 . Aye! thou marvellest, and they scoff.

13 . And when they are admonished, they receive not admcnition.

14 . And when they behold a sign, they turn to scoffing.

15 . And they say: this Qur´an is naught but magic manifest.

16 . When we have become dead and have become dust and bones, shall we then verily be raised?

17 . And also our forefathers?

18 . Say thou: and verily ye; shall then be despicable.

19 . It shall be but one shout, lo! they shall be staring.

20 . And they will say: Ah! woe be Unto us! this is the Day of Requital.

21 . This is the Day of Judgment which ye were wont to belie.

22 . Gather together those who did wrong and their comrades and that which they were wont to worship

23 . Beside Allah, and lead them on to the path of the Flaming Fire.

24 . And stop them; verily they are to be questioned:

25 . What aileth you that ye succour not one another?

26 . Nay! on that Day they will be entirely submissive.

27 . And they will advance toward each other mutually questioning.

28 . They will say: verily ye! ye were wont to come Unto us Imposing.

29 . They will say: nay! ye yourselves were not believers.

30 . And we had over you no authority, but ye were a people exorbitant.

31 . So on us hath been justified the sentence of our Lord: verily we are to taste.

32 . We seduced you astray; verily we were ourselves the seduced ones.

33 . So verily on that Day they all in the torment will be sharers.

34 . Verily We! in this wise We deal with the culprits.

35 . Verily when it was said Unto them: there is no god but Allah, they ever grew stiff-necked.

36 . And they said: are we going to abandon our gods on account of a Poet distracted?

37 . Aye! he hath come with the truth, and he confesseth to the sent ones.

38 . Verily ye are going to taste a torment afflictive.

39 . And ye shall be required not except for that which ye have been doing;

40 . But the bondmen of Allah, the sincere ones -

41 . Those! theirs shall be a provision known:

42 . Fruits! And they shall be honoured.

43 . In Gardens of Delight.

44 . On couches, facing one another.

45 . Round shall be passed a cup Unto them filled with limpid drink:

46 . White, a pleasure Unto the drinkers.

47 . No headiness there shall be therein, nor shall they be therewith Inebriated.

48 . And with them shall be damsels of refraining looks, large- eyed

49 . As though they were eggs hidden.

50 . Then they will advance Unto each other, mutually questioning.

51 . And a speaker from among them will say: verily there was Unto me a mate.

52 . Who said: art thou of those who confess to the doctrine of Resurrection:

53 . When we are dead and have become dust and bones, are we indeed going to be requited?

54 . Allah will say: will ye look down?

55 . Then he will look down and see him in the midst of the Flaming Fire.

56 . And he will say: by Allah, thou hadst wellnigh causedest me to perish.

57 . And but for the favourcf my lord, I should have been of those brought forward.

58 . Are we not then to die

59 . Save our first death, and are we not to be tormented?

60 . Verily this! that is the supreme achievement.

61 . For the like of this, then, let the workers work.

62 . Is this better as an entertainment or the tree of Zaqqum?

63 . Verily We! We have made it a temptation for the wrong- doers.

64 . Verily it is a tree that springeth forth in the bottom of Flaming Fire.

65 . The fruit thereof is as though the hoods of the serpents.

66 . And verily they must eat thereof and fill their bellies therewith.

67 . And thereafter verily they shall have thereon a draught of balling water.

68 . And thereafter verily their return is Unto the Flaming Fire.

69 . Verily they found their fathers gone astray.

70 . So they in their footsteps are rushing.

71 . And assuredly there went stray before them many of the ancients.

72 . And assuredly We sent among them warners.

73 . So behold what wise hath been the end of those who were warned.

74 . Save the bondmen of Allah sincere.

75 . And assuredly Nuh cried Unto us; and We are the Best of answerers!

76 . And We delivered him and his people from the great affliction.

77 . And his offspring! them We made the survivors.

78 . And We left for him among the posterity.

79 . Peace be on Nuh among the worlds.

80 . Verily We! thus We recompense the well-doers.

81 . Verily he was of Our bondmen believing.

82 . Then We drowned the others.

83 . And verily of his sect was Ibrahim.

84 . Recall what time he came Unto his lord with a heart whole.

85 . Recall what time he said Unto his father and his people: What is it that ye worship?

86 . Is it a falsehood-god beside Allah - that ye desire?

87 . what, then, is your opinion of the Lord of the worlds?

88 . Then he glanced a glance on the stars.

89 . And he said: verily I am about to be sick.

90 . So they departed from him turning their backs.

91 . Then he slipped Unto their gods and said: eat ye not

92 . What aileth ye that ye speak not?

93 . Then he slipped Unto them striking them with the right hand.

94 . Then they advanced toward him, hastening.

95 . He said: worship ye that which carve.

96 . Whereas Allah hath created you and that which ye make?

97 . They said. build for him a building and cast him into the flaming fire.

98 . And they devised a plot for him, but We made them the humble.

99 . And he said: verily I am going to my Lord who will guide me.

100 . My Lord! Bestow on me a son who will be of the righteous.

101 . Wherefore We gave him the glad tidings of a boy gentle.

102 . And when he attained the age of, running with him, he said: O my son! verily I have seen in a dream that I am slaughtering thee; so look, what considerest thou? He said: O my father! do that which thou art commanded; thou shalt find me, Allah willing, of the patients.

103 . Then when the twain had submitted themselves and he had prostrated him upon his temple.

104 . We cried Unto him: O Ibrahim

105 . Of a surety thou hast fulfilled the vision. Verily We! thus We recompense the well-doers.

106 . Verily that! that was a trial manifest.

107 . And We ransomed him with a mighty victim.

108 . And We left for him among the posterity:

109 . Peace be Unto Ibrahim:

110 . Verily We! thus We compense the well-doers.

111 . Verily he was one of Our believing bondmen.

112 . And We gave him the glad tidings of Is-haq, a prophet, and of the righteous.

113 . And We blessed him and Is-haq; and of their offspring are some well-doers and some who wrong themselves manifestly.

114 . And assuredly We gave grace Unto Musa and Harun.

115 . And delivered them and their people from the great affliction.

116 . And We succoured them so that they became overcomers.

117 . And We vouchsafed Unto the twain a Book luminous.

118 . And We led the twain on Unto the straight path.

119 . And We left for the twain among the posterity:

120 . Peace be Unto Musa and Harun.

121 . Verily We! thus We recompense the well-doers.

122 . Verily the twain were of Our bondmen believing.

123 . And verily, llyas was one of the sent ones.

124 . Recall what time he said Unto his people: fear ye not?

125 . Call ye upon Bal and forsake the Best of creators.

126 . Allah, your Lord and Lord of your forefathers?

127 . Then they belied him, so verily they are to be brought up.

128 . Except the bondmen of Allah sincere.

129 . And We left for him among the posterity:

130 . Peace be Unto Elyasin.

131 . Verily We! thus We recompense the well-doers.

132 . Verily he was one of Our bondmen believing.

133 . And verily Lut was of the sent ones.

134 . Recall what time We delivered him and his household, all.

135 . Save an old woman among the lingerers.

136 . Then We annihilated the others.

137 . And surely ye pass by them in the morning.

138 . And at night. Will ye not therefore reflect?

139 . And verily Yunus was Of the sent ones.

140 . Recall what time he ran away Unto a laden ship.

141 . Then he joined the lots, and was of the condemned.

142 . And a fish swallowed him, and he was reproaching himself.

143 . And had he not been of those who hallow Him,

144 . He would have tarried in the belly thereof till the Day when they are raised.

145 . Then We cast him on a bare desert whilst he was sick.

146 . And We caused to grow over him a tree, a gourd.

147 . And We had sent him to a hundred thousand: rather they exceeded.

148 . And they believed, whrefore We let them enjoy life for a season.

149 . Now ask thou them: there for thy Lord daughters and for them sons?

150 . Or created We the angels females while they were witnesses?

151 . Lo! verily it is of their falsehood that they say:

152 . God hath begotten. Verily they are the liars.

153 . Hath He chosen daughters above sons?

154 . What aileth you? How judge ye?

155 . Will ye not then be admonished?

156 . Or, is there for you a clear warranty

157 . Then bring your book, if ye say sooth.

158 . And they have made a kinship between Him and the jinn a kinship whereas the jinn assuredly know that they are to be brought up

159 . Hallowed be Allah from that which they ascribe to Him.

160 . Except the bondmen of Allah sincere.

161 . Wherefore verily neither ye nor that which ye worship,

162 . Can tempt anyone to rebel against Him.

163 . Save him Who is to roast in the Flaming Fire.

164 . Of us there is none but hath a station assigned.

165 . And verily we! we are ranged in ranks.

166 . And verily we! we halloW.

167 . And they surely were wont to say:

168 . Had we but an admonition as had the ancients.

169 . Surefy we would have been the bondmen of God sincere.

170 . Yet they disbelieve therein. Presently they shall come to know.

171 . And assuredly Our word hath already gone forth Our bondmen, the sent ones:

172 . That verily they! they shall be made triumphant.

173 . And verily Our host! they are to be overcome.

174 . So turn thou aside from them for a season.

175 . And see them thou; they themselves shall presently see.

176 . Our torment seek they to hasten on!

177 . Then when it descendeth Unto them face to, face, a hapless morn that shall be for those who were Warned.

178 . And turn thou aside from them for a season.

179 . And see thou: they themselves shall presently see.

180 . Hallowed be thine Lord, the Lord of Majesty, from that which they ascribe!

181 . And peace be Unto the sent ones.

182 . And all praise Unto Allah the Lord of the worlds.