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Surah -Adh-Dhariyat

1 . By the dipersing winds that disperse.

2 . And the clouds bearing a load.

3 . And the ships that glide with ease.

4 . And the angels who distribute the affair.

5 . Verily that wherewith ye are threatened is surely true.

6 . And verily the Requital is surely to befall.

7 . By the heaven full of paths.

8 . Verily ye are in a divided opinion.

9 . Turned aside therefrom is who is turned aside.

10 . Perish the conjecturers

11 . Those who are in heedlessness neglectful.

12 . They ask:when is the Day of Requital coming?

13 . It will be the Day whereon in the Fire they will be burned

14 . Taste your burning: this is that which ye sought to be hastened.

15 . Verily the God-fearing will be amid Gardens and water- springs.

16 . Taking that which their Lord will vouchsafe Unto hem. Verily they have been before that well-doers.

17 . Little of the night they were wont to slumber.

18 . And in the dawns they prayed for forgiveness.

19 . And in their substance was the right of the beggar and non- beggar.

20 . And on the earth there are signs for those who would be convinced.

21 . And also in Your own selves. Behold ye not?

22 . And in the heaven is Your provision and that which ye are promised.

23 . By the Lord of the heaven and the earth it is sure, even as it is a fact that ye are speaking.

24 . Hath there come Unto thee the story of Ibrahim´s honoured guests?

25 . When they came in Unto him, and said:´peace!´ he said: ´peace´! - people unknown.

26 . Then he turned away privately Unto his household, and brought a calf fatted.

27 . And he set it before them, and said: wherefore eat ye not?

28 . Then he conceived a fear of them. They said:fear not. And they gave him the tidings of a youth knowing.

29 . Then his wife drew near vociferating, and smote her face, and said: an old barren woman!

30 . They said: even so saith thine Lords Verily He! He is the Wise, the Knower.

31 . He said: what then is your errand! O ye sent ones!

32 . They said: verily we are sent Unto a people, guilty.

33 . That we may send down upon them stones of baked clay.

34 . Marked, from before thy Lord, for extravagant.

35 . Thus We brought forth from there in who were believers.

36 . And We found not therein more than one house of the Muslims.

37 . And We left therein a sign for those who fear the afflictive torment.

38 . And in Musa also was a lesson, when We sent him Unto Fir´awn with authority manifest.

39 . Then he turned away with his court, and said: a magician or a madman.

40 . Then We laid hold of him and his hosts and flung them into the sea, and he was reproachable.

41 . And in `A-ad also was a lesson, when We sent against them the barren wind.

42 . It left not aught whereon it came but it made it as matter decayed.

43 . And in Thamud´s also was a lesson, when it was said Unto them: enjoy yourselves for a season.

44 . Then they disdained the command of their Lord; wherefore the bolt laid hold of them even while they looked on.

45 . So they were not able to stand, nor could they help themselves.

46 . And the people of Nuh We destroyed aforetime; verily they were a people transgressing.

47 . And the heaven! We have built it with might, and verily We are powerful.

48 . And the earth! We have stretched it forth beneath; an excellent Spreader are We!

49 . And of every thing We have created pairs, that haply ye may remember.

50 . Flee therefore Unto Allah; verily I am Unto you from Him a warner manifest.

51 . And set not up another god with Allah; verily I am Unto you from Him a warner manifest.

52 . Likewise, there came not an apostle Unto those before them but they said: a magician or a madman!

53 . Have they bequeathed its Unto each other! Nay! they are a people contumacious.

54 . So turn away thou from them, not thou art blameworthy.

55 . And admonish, for verily admonition profiteth the believers.

56 . And have not created the Jinn and mankind but that they should worship Me.

57 . I seek not any provision from them, nor I desire that they should feed Me.

58 . Verily Allah! He is the Provider, Owner of power, Firm.

59 . So verily Unto those who do wrong there is a portion like Unto the portion of their fellows; wherefore let them not ask Me to hasten on.

60 . Woe, then, Unto those who disbelieve in their Day which they are promised.