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Surah -Al-Waqia

1 . When there happeneth Event.

2 . There is about its happening no lie.

3 . Abasing exalting.

4 . This will happen when the earth is shaken, shaken

5 . And the mountains are crumbled, crumbled.

6 . So that they become dust seattered.

7 . And ye are classes three.

8 . Those on the right hand; how happy shall those on the right hand be!

9 . And those on the left hand; how miserable shall those on the left hand be!

10 . And the preceders are the pre-ceders.

11 . Those! they shall be the brought nigh,

12 . In Gardens of Delight.

13 . A multitude from the ancients.

14 . And a few from the later generations.

15 . On couches in wrought with gold.

16 . Reclining thereon facing each other.

17 . There shall go round Unto them youths ever-young.

18 . With goblets and ewers and a cup of limpid drink.

19 . Whereby there shall be neither headiness nor will they be inebriated.

20 . And with fruit from that which they choose.

21 . And with flesh of fowls from that Which they desire.

22 . And there will be fair ones large eyed.

23 . The likes Unto pearls hidden.

24 . A recompense for that which they have been working.

25 . Therein they hear no vain or sinful discourse.

26 . Nought but the saying: peace! peace!

27 . And the fellows on the right hand; how be happy shall the fellows on the right hand be!

28 . Midst lote-trees thornless.

29 . And plantains laden with fruit.

30 . And a shade ever-spread.

31 . And water everflowing.

32 . And fruit abundant.

33 . Neither ending nor forbidden.

34 . And carpets raised.

35 . Verily We! We have created those maidens by a creation.

36 . And have made them virgins.

37 . Loving, of equal age.

38 . For the fellows on the right hand.

39 . A multitude from the ancients.

40 . And a multitude from the later generations.

41 . And the fellows on the left hand; how miserable Shall the fellows on the left hand be!

42 . Amidst scorching wind and scalding water.

43 . And the shade of black smoke.

44 . Neither cool nor pleasant.

45 . Verily they have been heretofore affluent.

46 . And they have been persisting in the heinous offence.

47 . And they were wont to say: when we have died and become dust and bones, shall we, then, verily be raised?

48 . We and our fathers of old?

49 . Say thou: verily the ancients and those of later generations:

50 . Are going to be assembled on the appointed time of a Day Known.

51 . Then verily ye, O ye erring, denying people.

52 . Shall surely eat of the tree of Az-Zqqum.

53 . And shall fill therewith your bellies.

54 . And shall be drinkers thereon of boiling water.

55 . Drinkers even as the drinking of thirsty camels.

56 . This shall be their entertainment on the Day of Requital.

57 . We! it is We Who created you: wherefore confess ye not?

58 . Behold! - that which ye emit.

59 . Create him ye, or are We the Creator?

60 . We! it is We Who have decreed death Unto you all. And We are not to be outrun.

61 . That We may substitute others like Unto you and produce you into that which ye know not.

62 . And assuredly ye have fully known the first Production Wherefore heed ye not?

63 . Behold! - that which ye sow.

64 . Cause it ye to grow, or are We the Grower?

65 . If We willed, surely We would make it chaff, so that ye would be left wondering.

66 . Verily we are undone.

67 . Aye! we are deprived!

68 . Behold! - the water which ye drink:

69 . Send it down ye from the raincloud, or are We the Sender down?

70 . If We willed, surely We would make it brackish. Wherefore give ye not thanks?

71 . Behold! - the fire which ye strike out:

72 . Produce ye the tree thereof, or are We the Producer?

73 . We! it is We Who made it a reminder and a provision Unto the campers.

74 . Wherefore hallow thou the name of thy Lord, the Mighty.

75 . I swear by the setting of the stars -

76 . And verily that is a mighty oath, if ye but knew!

77 . That it is a Recitation honourable.

78 . In a Book Hidden.

79 . Which none can touch except the purified.

80 . It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.

81 . Is it this discourse that ye hold lightly?

82 . And make it your provision that ye should belie it?

83 . Wherefore then - when the soul cometh up to the wind-pipe -

84 . And ye are then looking on.

85 . And We are nigher Unto him than ye are, but ye behold not-

86 . Wherefore then, if ye are not to be requited

87 . Cause ye it not to return, if ye say sooth?

88 . Then if he be of the broughtnigh.

89 . For him shall be comfort, and fragrance and a Garden of Delight.

90 . And if he be of the fellows on the right hand,

91 . Then: peace Unto thee, for thou art of those on the right hand.

92 . And if he be of the beliers, the erring,

93 . Then an entertainment of boiling water.

94 . And roasting in a Blaze.

95 . Verily this! this is the very truth.

96 . Wherefore hallow thou the name of thy Lord, the Mighty!