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Surah -Al-Mulk

1 . Blest be He in whose hand is the dominion, and He is over everything Potent.

2 . Who hath created death and life that He might prove you, as to which of you is excellent in work. And He is the Mighty, the Forgiver.

3 . Who hath created seven heavens in storeys. Thou shalt not behold in the Compassionates creation any over-sight; then repeat thy look, beholdest thou any crack?

4 . Then repeat thy look twice over, and thy look will return Unto thee dim and It will have become wearied out.

5 . And assuredly We have bedecked the nearest heaven with lamps, and We have made them missiles for satans: and for them We have gotten ready the torment of the Blaze.

6 . And for those who disbelieve in their Lord will be the torment of Hell; and a hapless destination!

7 . When they will be cast thereinto, they will hear thereof a braying even as it balleth up,

8 . Well-nigh it bursteth with rage. So oft as a company is cast thereinto, the keepers thereof will ask them: came there not Unto you a warner?

9 . They will say: yea! surely there came a warner Unto us, but we belied, and said: God hath not sent down aught, are naught but in a great error.

10 . And they will say: had we been wont to hearken or to reflect, we had not been among the fellows of the Blaze.

11 . So they shall confess their sin. Far away they-be, the fellows of the Blaze!

12 . Verily those who dread their Lord unseen, theirs shall be forgiveness and a great hire.

13 . And whather ye keep your discourse secret or publish it, verily He is the Knower of that which is in the breasts.

14 . Shall not He Who hath created know? And He is the Subtile, the Aware.

15 . He it is Who hath made the earth Unto you subservient, so go forth in the regions thereof, and eat of His provision. And Unto Him is the Resurrection.

16 . Are ye secure that He who is in the heaven will not sink the earth with you and then it should quake?

17 . Or are ye secure that He Who is in the heaven will not send against you a whirlwind? Anon ye shall know what wise hath been My warning.

18 . And assuredly those before them belied; then what wise hath been My wrath!

19 . Behold they not the birds above them, outstretching their wings and they also withdraw them? Naught holdeth them except the Compassionate. Verily He is of everything Beholder.

20 . Who.is he that can be an army Unto you and succour you, beside the Compassionate! The infidelsjb are but in delusion.

21 . Who is he that can provide for you, should He withhold His provision? Aye! they persists in perverseness and aversion.

22 . Is he, then, who goeth about grovelling upon his face better directed, or he who walketh evenly on a straight path?

23 . Say thou: He it is who hath brought you forth and hath endowed you with hearing and sights and hearts. Little thanks it is ye give!

24 . Say thou: He it is Who hath spread you over the earth, and Unto Him ye shall be gathered.

25 . And they say: when will this promise be fulfilled, if ye say sooth?

26 . Say thou: the knowledge is only with Allah, and but a warner manifest.

27 . But when they will behold it proximating sad will be the countenances of those who disbelieve, and it will be said: this is that which ye have been calling for.

28 . Say thou: bethink ye if Allah destroy me and those with me; or have mercy on us, who will protect the infidels from a torment afflictive?

29 . Say thou: He is the Compassionate; in Him we have believed, and in Him we have put our trust. -And anon ye will know who it is that is in error manifest.

30 . Say thou: bethink ye, were your water to be sunk away, who then could bring you water welling-up?