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Surah -Al-Insan

1 . Surely there hath come upon man a space of time when he was not a thing worth mentioning.

2 . Verily We! We created man from a sperm of mixtures, that We might prove him, wherefore We made him hearing, seeing.

3 . Verily We! We shewed him the way; then he becometh either thankful or ingrate.

4 . Verily We! We have gotten ready for the infidels chains and collars and a Blaze.

5 . Verily the pious shall drink of a cup whereof the admixture is like Unto camphor.

6 . From a fountain whence the bondmen of Allah will drink, causing it to gush abundantly.

7 . They fulfill their vow and dread a Day the evil whereof shall be widespreading.

8 . And they feed with food, for love of Him, the needy, and the orphan and the captive.

9 . Saying: we feed you only for the sake of Allah; we desire not from you any recompense or thanks.

10 . Verily we dread from our Lord a Day grim and distressful.

11 . Wherefore Allah shall preserve them from the evil of that Day, and shall cause them to meet brightness and joy.

12 . And shall recompense them for that which they patiently bare with a Garden and silken garment.

13 . Reclining therein upon couches, they shall behold therein neither sun nor hurting cold.

14 . And close upon them will be the shades thereof, and low will hang the clusters thereof greatly.

15 . And brought round amongst them will be vessels of silver and also goblets of glass.

16 . Godblets of silver, they shall have filled them to exact measure.

17 . And therein they shall be given to drink of a cup whereof the admixture will be ginger.

18 . From a fountain therein, named Salsabil.

19 . And there shall go round Unto them youths ever-young. When thou seest them thou wouldst deem them pearls unstrung.

20 . And when thou lookest them thou shalt behold delight and a dominion magnificent.

21 . Upon them shall be garments of fine green silk and of brocades. And adorned they shall be with bracelets of silver: and their Lord shall give them drink a beverage pure.

22 . Verily this is for you by way of recompense, and your endeavour hath been accepted.

23 . Verily We! it is We Who have revealed Unto thee the Qur´an, a gradual revelation.

24 . Wherefore persevere thou with the commandment of thy Lord, and obey not thou of them, any sinner or ingrate.

25 . And remember thou the name of thy Lord in the morning and in the evening.

26 . And during the night - worship Him; and hallow Him the livelong night.

27 . Verily those love the Herein, and leave in front of them a heavy day.

28 . It it We Who creared them and made them firm of make. And whenever We list, We can replace them with others like Unto them.

29 . Verily this is an admonition; then whosoever Will, may choose a way Unto his Lord.

30 . And ye will not, unless Allah willeth. Verily Allah is ever Knowing, Wise.´

31 . He maketh whomsoever He listeth to enter His mercy. And the wrong-doers! for them He hath gotten ready a torment afflective.