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Surah -Al-Mutaffifin

1 . Woe Unto the scrimpers:

2 . Those who, when they take by measure from mankind, exact the full,

3 . And who, when they measure Unto them or weigh for them, diminish.

4 . Imagine such men not that they shall be raised up?

5 . On a mighty Day.

6 . A Day whereon mankind shall stand before the Lord of the worlds?

7 . By no means! Verily the record of the ungodly is in Sijjin.

8 . And what will make thee know whatsoever the record in Sijjin is?

9 . A record of misdeeds written.

10 . Woe on that Day unto the belviers-

11 . Those who belie the Day of Requital.

12 . And none belieth it save each trespasser, sinner.

13 . And when Our revelations are rehearsed Unto him, she saith:´fables of the ancients!

14 . By no means!´ Aye! encrusted upon their hearts is that which they have been earning.

15 . By no means! Verily on that Day from their Lord they will be shut Out.

16 . Then verily they will be roasted into the Scorch.

17 . Then it will be said: ´this is that which ye were wont to belie.´

18 . By no means! Verily the record of the virtuous shall be in ´Illiyun.

19 . And what will make thee know whatsoever the record in Illiyun is?

20 . A record of good deeds written.

21 . To which bear witness those brought nigh.

22 . Verily the virtuous shall be in Delight,

23 . Reclining on couches, looking on.

24 . Thou wilt recognize in their faces the brightness of delight.

25 . They will be given to drink of pure wine, sealed.

26 . The seal thereof will be of musk and to this end let the aspirers aspire -

27 . And admixture thereof will be Water of Tasnim:

28 . A fountain whereof will drink those brought nigh.

29 . Veriiy those who have sinned were wont at those who had believed to laugh,

30 . And, when they passed them, to wink at each other,

31 . And when they returned to their household they returned jesting.

32 . And when they saw them, they said: verily these are the strayed ones.

33 . Whereas they were not sent over them as watchers.

34 . Wherefore Today, those who believed at the infidels are laughing,

35 . Reclining on couches, looking on.

36 . The infidels have indeed been rewarded for that which they had been doing.